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Sales - Custom Home Builder - Wooster Ohio


Our personalized planning process sets us apart. You aren’t a number. You’re a priority. And Ruby Grau will be with you through every step. Before she begins planning with you, she wants to get to know your story, your inspiration, and your vision so her goals will align with yours. You will find we offer a range of our services, many of which are virtually unheard of in the local home building industry.

The Planning Process:

  • You will discuss price points and expectations.
  • Work out your lot details, including finding a lot if you are still searching, and, if necessary, determining the financing options for your land.
  • Ruby will guide you in gathering the materials needed for your loan application.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of choosing particular lenders to help you make the best decision for your loan application.
  • Work with Ruby to create a plan for your home based on your vision. You might also choose from one of our many customizable home plans.
  • Ruby will provide quotes for your utility prices.

Ruby Grau has spent over 35 years in the homebuilding industry, during which time she’s cultivated an understanding of the needs and expectations of her clients.

“When a customer leaves after meeting with me, I want their stress levels to be lower, their questions to have been answered, and for them to be comfortable with the direction their home plan is headed. Our customers are not numbers. So I get to know them. In fact, many of my former clients have kept in touch over the years. That’s a true measure of success." - Ruby Grau, Sales

Interior Designer - Custom Home Design - Wooster Ohio Builder


Angie Miller has been in the home furnishings industry designing homes for 19 years.  She is passionate about walking alongside clients, understanding their family values, and implementing those into the design and flow of their home through their color palettes.

Working with Angie takes the anxiety out of the decision-making process. While the selection process may seem daunting, our clients can feel confident in their vision and comfortable with the support of an expert designer. You will work with Angie in the newly expanded Design Center, located in one of our beautiful model homes.

The Selection Process:

  • Angie will begin with the exterior of the home (i.e. siding, windows, etc.).
  • As you imagine walking through the front door, you will first choose flooring.
  • Then you’ll select cabinets/hardware and countertops.
  • Followed by interior doors, plumbing accessories, lighting, and paint.
  • Finally, you will discuss a plan for the types of appliances you will need to be looking for.
  • At the end of your session, all of your selections will be laid out before your eyes, and (this is Angie’s favorite part): The client’s response, “I love it.”

“My favorite element in the design process is listening to my clients’ visions and inspirations and their desires for their new home, and then joining them in the selection process.  We make one selection at a time, starting with exterior selections and moving inside the front doors. As clients depart from the doors of the design center a sense of relief escapes them as they process what all they have accomplished and how guided their selections have been.” - Angie Miller, Designer


While many factors outside of our control influence the timeline of the building process, we take pride in ensuring that whatever is within our control stays on schedule.

Your time is valuable. And we want to get you into your dream home quickly. Our many years of experience have allowed us to create a flexible but efficient schedule that keeps the project moving. Along the way, your project managers will ensure a timely completion date and an organized building site. As experienced problem solvers, your project managers are prepared for the unexpected. Below you will find an outline of the build process.

The Pre-Build and Building Process:

  • Contract signed
  • Capstone submits the loan package to your bank.
  • Lot inspection with your project manager
  • (If you’d like to discuss the building options for the land before you even sign the contract, ask about a pre-lot inspection with the project manager.)
  • Pre-construction meeting with your project manager to finalize details of your home plan
  • Construction print finalized
  • Reception of bank approval
  • Dig starts on your brand new home.
  • We aim to build your home in four months (from dig to walk-through).
  • An experienced project manager will keep you informed and to keep your building timeline on track.
John Weaver - Capstone Custom Homes

Project Managers

John Weaver

John is a third generation homebuilder with fifteen years in the building industry in both residential and commercial building. John’s family inspires him to help other families build the homes of their dreams.

“I want our customers to know they now have a truly custom home without the custom price tag, a home they will want to show off to their friends. I want them to be happy to say, ‘It’s a Capstone home.’"

Terry Snyder - Capstone Custom Homes

Terry Snyder

A second generation home builder, Terry has been building houses since 1977. But he doesn’t feel like he’s worked a day in his life. According to Terry, “I feel like I’ve never had a job simply because I enjoy what I do. I was born for this.”

“After all these years of experience, I believe Capstone emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with customers. It is a personable experience because of our smaller size, but our combined experience provides high-quality craftsmanship.”

Jimmy Hile - Capstone Custom Homes

Jimmy Hile

Jimmy has worked in the construction industry for 35 years, starting early as a plumber and then owning a plumbing business. Along the way he has built and remodeled several properties. He worked as property manager for his own properties and also as project manager for a custom Home builder in Charleston, South Carolina. And building is in his blood: all of his siblings have their own businesses in construction-related fields.

“Over the years I’ve made lifelong friends from people who started out as customers. When the customer knows you care about them as much as their project, it takes the client relationship to a different level. Their experience through the process is vitally important and hopefully a great one.”