Why Build Custom? Kid-friendly Spaces Tailored to Your Family

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Fri, 05/10/2019 - 3:14pm
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Kids may not always get everything they want, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Building a new home brings a fresh start; it allows you to create a space tailored to your family’s needs; perhaps most importantly, it means making plan and design choices that help your home to grow with your family. In this blog post, I’ve scoured some of my favorite design sources for some kid-centered inspiration for your custom home. Your home should add value to your life. Taking away extra stress can do just that, with a functional, stylish, learn-play-rest space for kiddos.


What you have: Small kids with LOTS of energy


What you need:

  • A space with larger gross-motor oriented toys for moving and climbing, without a lot of set-up/tear-down time for you.
  • Consider carpeting the space or incorporating a plush, playful rug to catch them if (let’s be honest, when) they fall.
  • If you decide to go with hardwood floors, choose material that can take a beating, like Luxury Vinyl Plank, a luxurious standard option at Capstone.


What you have: Elementary-age kids with a creative bent

What you need:

  • Built-ins for storage and easy access to art supplies and toys.
  • Wipeable walls, like Sherwin Williams Cashmere flat.
  • Transitional design - choose colors that will work for years to come, and avoid themes that you’ll want to get rid of soon. And no, you don’t have to stick with neutrals. Adding color can still be classic and on-trend and work with the other color options throughout your home. The beauty of a custom home is the design options are tailored to your family’s needs. Capstone’s on-site design coordinator will help you make no-regret selections.
  • If you plan to incorporate rugs into your kids’ space, consider a washable rug! Ruggable’s two-piece rugs go right into the washing machine for easy cleaning. Bonus: They even have a children’s collection.
  • Lighting is key. There is plenty of research on the best ways to light each room in your home for ideal comfort and functionality, like here and here. No matter the space’s use, though, ample natural light provides a calming, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Unique, functional bookshelves are a very real possibility and can be custom built with your contractor. Consider including a built-in bench or nook for reading and relaxing.


What you have: a basement space for the kids

What you need:

  • You’ll want to brighten the space with lighter colors and fun pendant lighting.
  • Think about dividing the space with open shelving to create openness and choose areas with ample natural light, if possible.
  • Ironically, painting the ceiling a darker color can also take away the “basement” feel because it hides the exposed rafters, electrical, and plumbing.
  • What if you don’t want to devote a space entirely to a playroom? Or maybe you work from home. With smaller home plans at the forefront of many young families’ minds, utilizing space for multiple purposes makes more sense. If you’re going to share an adult space with your little mess-maker, built-in shelving and lots of space for organizing will be your best bet.

Depending on the age of your children, you’ll want to think about the proximity to other bedrooms and to the areas you’ll most frequently be in so you can either keep an eye on the kiddos or give them a quiet space away from the main traffic areas. This is where a custom floor plan can make a world of difference. Because every person’s lifestyle is different, you will be able to work with a team that includes a salesperson, draftsman, and selections coordinator to design a home plan tailored to you. If you want to be able to watch your kids play while you wash dishes, tell your team. No design choice is too small, especially if it helps with everyday functionality. Just because it is a simple day-to-day task doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered significant in your home.



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