Buy or Build?: The Benefits of New Construction

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Fri, 01/11/2019 - 10:00am
New Home Construction - Custom Builder Ohio

Why Build?

Resale Value

Most potential home buyers are looking first and foremost at the price tag. Building a new home can appear to be more expensive than purchasing an existing house, especially if they need to buy land as well. But considering the home as an investment, the resale value for new homes is much higher than that of existing ones, especially if the new home’s design choices aren’t here-today-gone-tomorrow trends. In order to increase the resale value of an existing house, particularly those older than 10 years, sometime, money, and skill will be involved in updates and renovations. Therefore, it may still cost you in the long run.


What attracts most home builders is the opportunity for customization. You are able to include in your new home all the elements that suit your family best. From the custom floor plan to design finishes, the home will be truly custom -  a home designed just for you. Most of the time, buyers of existing homes get almost everything they want, but will have to compromise on some of their “must haves.” So you want an open floor plan and a first-floor master? Sometimes getting both is difficult in an older home. This means you’ll end up making renovations to the home anyway. Finally, keep in mind that being able to choose the square footage of the home along with the style and layout from start to finish means maximizing the use of every space in the home.  

For many potential homeowners, moving into a home that has never before been lived in is enticing. Knowing all of the memories made in the home are your own brings a sense of pride and comfort.

Maintenance and Warranties

Existing homes bring baggage. Expiring warranties and general wear and tear can mean hidden costs down the road, particularly when it comes to windows and roofing. A new roof increases a home’s value, so when you build a new home, you are increasing your return on your investment by upping the resale value. Other factors like basement waterproofing and new home security systems further ensure the home will maintain its value for years to come.

Health and Efficiency

New heating and cooling systems can --quite literally--bring a breath of fresh air. Not only are they more energy efficient, but newer systems adhere to standards of health and safety that mean a healthier environment for your family.

How to Address the Challenges of New Construction

Searching for Land

Many of our clients are intimidated by looking for ready to build land, and some are simply frustrated after having spent a long time in the search process. Here at Capstone, we offer guidance to our clients as they search for land, utilizing the strong professional relationships we have created in the area. And once you’ve found the perfect piece of land, our professional services include a lot inspection at no extra cost.

Wait Time

If you’re worried about waiting for a new home to be built, it’s important to work with a builder who has a track record of finishing jobs efficiently and on time. Our team is dedicated to having your house move-in-ready in just four months, starting with the first dig.


Building a New Home is an Adventure!

The benefits of new construction are many, and whether you plan to buy or build is a choice that must fit your family’s vision and situation. But if you’re ready to build or even if you’re unsure, consider stopping into Capstone. Let us walk you through the steps to building and designing a custom home. As a leading custom home builder in Ohio, we have decades of experience helping families just like yours create the custom home they’ve always wanted.


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