Why Build a Custom Home?: It Transitions with You

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  • A custom home--with the right planning and design--can transition with your family.
  • Building custom keeps your family's future in mind. 
  • At Capstone, the scope of our custom design capabilities is as varied as our clients.
  • You can design your custom home from scratch with us and our in-house draftsmen will bring it to life.

Why Build Custom?

This blog is the first in a series of articles on why designing a custom home can meet your family’s unique and ever-changing needs throughout the years. Next week will focus on the sweet mess-makers of the family and how to design the right indoor play-learn-create space that will transition with them. (If you read “pets” as the aforementioned mess-makers, you’ll want to check out this blog about pet-friendly fixes for your new construction home.) Today, if you’ll stick with me, I’ll concentrate on the value of building custom versus buying an existing home or building a pre-designed home.

A Custom Home Transitions with You

First, let’s talk about buying versus building. If you’ve ever searched for a home, you know what it’s like to have separate (and ever-expanding) lists in mind: The Must Haves, The Wish List, and the Maybe Someday List. Typically, you will find a home with many of the items on those lists, but rarely does an existing home have everything you’re looking for. More likely than not, you’ll settle for the home that has what you are looking for now but won’t be right for lifestyle changes over the course of many years. That, my friends, is the beauty of building custom.

Before you remind me that it costs more to get more, I want to tell you where this article is going: Custom-built homes are built to last. Now, please don’t get me wrong, a durable, high-quality house is certainly true of our Capstone homes, but I am talking here about lasting through the stages and changes of your family. A custom home--with the right planning and design--can meet the growing and shifting needs of your lifestyle throughout the years. As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, a custom built home will be particularly special because you designed it and you are the only one to have lived in it. All the memories made within its walls are yours.

Every Client is Unique, and We Get That

Being a custom homebuilder, we have a lot of clients come to us with specific requirements in mind for their home. Depending on their age, stage of life, and family lifestyle, the home plan for one family will vary greatly from that of another. An ideal home for a growing family might include a larger kitchen, a play area (to hide those toys, of course!) and another bathroom; teenagers may inspire the need for an extra garage with a spacious Rec room above it. Or maybe living in a one-story home has been on a couples’ minds for years and they are finally ready to build a ranch with that main-floor master suite. Maybe they discover that less square footage means they are able to add upgraded details to their home plan that would otherwise be outside of their price point.

Choose the Right Contractor

But with the right builder, you can design a home that meets the needs you see coming down the stretch--a home that’s as unique as you are. At Capstone, we are a family of professional contractors who have built hundreds of homes for every type of family. We make it a point to consider every part of your home’s design for beauty and function, tailored specifically to your unique style. In the simplest of terms, your home should make your life easier. It should make you excited to come home after a long day--now, and in the years to come.

The scope of our custom design capabilities is as varied as our clients. Use your home plan, customize one of ours, or design one from scratch with us. Our in-house CAD draftsmen make your vision come to life right here in our office, keeping your home plan at your fingertips. Regardless, bring us that Maybe Someday list. It might just be more affordable than you think.

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