Understanding Building Contracts

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Thu, 06/11/2020 - 10:35am
Capstone Custom Homes

When constructing a new home, most builders will require you to sign a building contract. These important documents state who is responsible for what tasks, what items are included in the build, and when different tasks will be accomplished. However, not all contracts are created equal. We have a lot of included features that other builders don’t offer — so be sure to check all quotes very closely.

Check the Small Print

Building contracts should list out each milestone of your new home build, and we work with you to ensure you are aware of your responsibilities. For example, many times the homeowner is responsible for arranging septic and well water work on the property. With such items, we include allowances to help estimate your overall cost for the new home.

Change Orders

Changes are often inevitable as part of the building process to ensure that the homebuyer’s vision is achieved. We understand that your selections may change during the building process, and we use change orders to document any adjustment not outlined in the contract.  Needless to say, all change orders must be recorded to ensure that the work is done properly and timely.

Talk to Your Sales Consultant

If you’re confused about certain elements of your contract, or are unsure about where you stand with balances and change orders, it is essential that you speak with your sales consultant. They can help you go through each item in your contract so you can move forward with confidence.

The paperwork may be the least enjoyable part of building a custom home, but it is an essential part of this process. Doing your due diligence to understand your building contract will give you clear expectations for your project.