Custom Organization in our Dalton Project

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dropzone in entryway
laundry room with built in hanging rods
master closet with laundry chute

Custom Options for Ultimate Organization

“A thing for every place and a place for everything.” My grandma’s words echo every time I try to shove one more thing into that desk drawer or stack another tupperware container precariously upon others below. A home with ample and accessible storage is much needed in today’s world of stuff. But more than that, storage should fit into your lifestyle; it should seamlessly integrate into your daily life...and it should look GOOD.

One of the most refreshing parts of building custom homes is the freedom to create spaces that meet clients’ unique storage and organization needs. When customers move into a new home and realize they aren’t tripping over their belongings, and they can look around the home with pride, we know it breathes new life into day-to-day living. Our Dalton project does just that.

In one of our current projects, the Acadia plan is personalized to incorporate unique organization options in the laundry and dropzone. Because if you’re going to do laundry for the rest of your life, it might as well be in a space that brings you a little joy.

Smart Storage 

Believe me, this isn’t your momma’s clothesline. Sleek drawers hide tons of hanging rods when not in use, and an expansive counter provides a spacious workspace. Ample cabinets offers space for linens and cleaning products. Even better, a chute in the master suite closet goes DIRECTLY INTO the laundry room. This is a game changer. After all, carrying a laundry basket isn’t necessarily hard, but neither is washing dishes, and most of us would welcome a dishwasher, right? Remember that mountain of laundry at the bottom of your mom’s laundry chute? That eyesore won’t be a problem here. You can’t see the chute in our video, but it’s discreetly located in a lower cabinet to the left of the sink.

A Clutter Free Welcome

It gets even better. Just outside the laundry’s barndoor is a spacious walkway and dropzone with open lockers and shelving to keep the family organized. I love that this dropzone isn’t in an enclosed mudroom but rather in a walkway that allows for extra space when entering the home and dropping coats and shoes. It’s a welcoming space that invites the family to get settled comfortably. This space contains clutter and helps keep the main foyer neat and tidy.

Many of our clients are pleased to realize the potential for personalizing the storage options in their new home. Knowing your family’s needs and the ways they use spaces in the home can help your builder know what types of customized options will work best for you. Your home is made up of the small stuff: day-to-day activities and moments. So when you’re building, it really is all in the details. 

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Happy organizing!

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